4 Benefits of Adding Xeriscaping to Your Landscape Design in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs’ climate can make having the yard of your dreams complicated to achieve, especially if you don’t know how to take care of it or simply don’t have the time.

Xeriscaping landscaping techniques done properly can leave your residential or commercial property with beautiful results and low upkeep.

With over 21 years of experience, our team at Foothills Landscaping and Irrigation know the climate and how to landscape your yard to succeed.

Looking for an easy way to make your front yard and/or backyard look and feel inviting without having to invest too much time and effort into it? 

Then xeriscaping might be for you!

What is Xeriscaping?

In essence, xeriscaping is a style of landscape design that is easy to maintain and requires very little water. 

Xeriscaping in Colorado SpringsIt’s common for people to assume that xeriscaping is simply throwing down some rocks and ripping up whatever landscape was there before, but that is not the case.

Xeriscaping uses plants, shrubs, wildflowers, rocks, mulch and other materials, which are usually native to that environment and that will thrive with very low maintenance. 

One of its most important benefits is it’s reduced impact on Colorado Springs natural resources. By using less water, using native Colorado plants in its design and more, it can really help our environment.

Although Xeriscaping allows for less water to be used, you still need it. Consider adding drip irrigation installation services to help you be as efficient as possible without over watering and over spending.

Here are 4 benefits of xeriscaping your commercial or residential property in Colorado Springs.

Benefits of Xeriscaping Your Colorado Springs Property

Save Money & Conserve Water

Keep your water bill under control and conserve water with xeriscaping. 

One of the main benefits of xeriscaping your front yard or backyard is that you end up using significantly less water. Especially during Colorado Springs’ dry and hot summer months, the amount of water needed to upkeep a yard becomes astronomical.

The outcome of that is a lower water bill, which is a great benefit for you!

Low Maintenance

Xeriscaping is an extremely low maintenance lawn design. 

Since it doesn’t require much water, mowing, edging, etc. The only real maintenance it needs is occasional weed-pulling, pruning and some small maintenance depending on what resources you decide to use.

Xeriscaping isn’t only for homes. If you own a commercial building, xeriscaping can be a great way to landscape your building while still keeping costs low. 

Reduce Pesticide Use

By using native plants in our design, xeriscaping reduces the need to use pesticides. Native plants are already adapted to the hot and dry environment of Colorado Springs and are not as susceptible to pests.

Increase Property Value

Did you know that adding drought friendly landscaping can help you increase your property value? 

While a luscious green yard may have a certain appeal, buyers know that it requires time, energy, additional money and more to keep it looking healthy and lush. Xeriscaping promises easy upkeep and low maintenance for a new home owner.

Xeriscaping Services in Colorado Springs

Before you choose xeriscaping as an option, know that there are a variety of ways to get the yard you’ve been dreaming of by using xeriscaping.

Our team at Foothills Landscaping and Irrigation can handle every aspect of full landscape design. Whether that is xeriscaping, irrigation, fencing and more. Contact us today for a free consultation and don’t forget our 10% off for veterans and seniors!