Winter is finally here in Colorado Springs. 

For those of you who love to garden you may think your time outdoors has ended, however your plants still need you.

Though many people think the winter months are a time to take a step back on landscaping and yard work, taking the care and precautions to tend to your landscaping and garden by watering it throughout the winter months can help save it. In fact, watering your lawn in the winter months can better assist you in prepping for a beautiful bright yard in the spring.

Winter gardening can be tricky though if you don’t know how to do it. Here are our 3 tips to help you water your Colorado Springs garden and landscape during the winter.

3 Tips to Water Your Garden During the Winter

Watering Plants Colorado Springs1. Water During Warmer Days

Did you know the best time to water your plants is at noon on a day over 40 degrees? 

Unlike in the summer months, when it’s hot and you’d want to water in the morning or night; watering at noon on a winter day is perfect. The 40 degree temperature allows for the water to soak into the ground before it freezes which gives the water time to really get to the root of your grass and plants and can help give it hydration.

2. Trees Need Water

While it’s commonly thought that snow’s moisture can provide enough water to your plants and grass when it melts, this is not true. 

Specifically newly planted trees risk frost damage or death without proper hydration. 

For mature trees, you may run an even bigger risk than the tree’s death. Trees and shrubs that don’t receive the water they need will search for it. Unfortunately, this usually leads them to your wastewater pipes where they can cause a lot of damage. In fact, roots are a common pipe damage and repairs can be very costly. 

So, remember, get out there and water those trees on a warm winter day!

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3. Purchase a Moisture Meter

Take the guesswork out of knowing when your yard needs watering by purchasing a moisture meter.

Available at most Colorado Springs garden centers and hardware stores, a moisture meter will show you if your yard and plants need additional water. 

We recommend purchasing one that has a 6-12 inch probe so that it can check moisture level at the root of all of your plants.

Take Care of Your Sprinkler System in Colorado Springs

For most of the year having a weather sensor automated sprinkler system is wonderful, as it helps to detect climate conditions and saves you water, time and keeps your yard looking beautiful.

However, during the winter you want to “winterize” your irrigation system and turn it off so that you aren’t left with frozen pipes and costly repairs.

The first thing you’ll want to do is drain the backflow from your irrigation system to protect the system from freeze damage. Next, you’ll need to “blow out” your irrigation system. What does that mean? It simply means that you’re blowing compressed air through the pipes to remove all the water from your system to prevent freezing or cracking.

Leave it to the pros — if you’re unsure how to go about this, contact the Foothills Landscaping & Irrigation team in Colorado Springs to make sure your irrigation systems are ready for winter.