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4 Ideas for Landscaping Your Home in Colorado Springs

Since 1997, Foothills Landscaping has been providing unbeatable landscaping services to residents of Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas. 

What started out as a summer job has become one of the best landscaping companies in Colorado Springs. Family owned and operated, Foothills Landscaping is your go-to source for residential landscaping services in our area. 

We spend countless hours studying the latest trends in residential landscaping in order to make sure that the outside of your home is as up-to-date as the inside. Here’s a look at some of the biggest landscaping trends for 2021.

Return to Native Style

Over the last several years, there has been an increase in the number of people planting native plants around their houses. Not only does this give your home an authentic look, but it also ensures that you’re using plants that have proven they can withstand the climate in your area. Generally, these plants have spent hundreds or thousands of years establishing their survival in the area, so they are already equipped to deal with the weather patterns. Not only do native plants give your home a natural look, but there is also less work for you to do as a gardener.

Outdoor Entertaining Areas

Due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control, 2020 saw most of us spending much more time at home. While things may be starting to get back to normal, many people are still spending more time than ever safely at their homes. This creates the obvious need for outdoor living and entertaining spaces. Anyone can throw some patio chairs and a table on the porch, but you can take things to the next level by really creating an outdoor living space. Outdoor lighting, colorful stones and water features can make your outdoor space the spot where you and your family want to be.

Potted Plants

For years, many people who wanted to decorate the outside of their home wanted plants placed directly in the ground. However, in recent years, there has been a slow transition to the use of potted plants. Potted plants provide you with the opportunity to incorporate even more color than what is seen on your flowers as you can decorate the pots yourself or buy them in a variety of colors. Potted plants are also easy to move around, which means you can customize your space anytime you feel like shaking things up.

Landscaping Ideas Colorado SpringsFront Porch Functionality

With so many people observing social distancing and other guidelines, the need for human interaction has become even greater. While you may not be back to hosting dinner parties where dozens of your closest friends crowd into your house, many people have gone back to using their front porch as more than a place to have packages delivered. Creating a comfortable space where you can sit and talk to your neighbors who may be out for a walk is a great idea. Front porch seating, lighting and other pieces can turn your front porch into one of your favorite spots in your home.

Investing in the outside of your home is just as wise as redecorating the inside. With so many wonderful views in Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas, these landscaping ideas are great for making you even more comfortable at home.

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