While there may be many plants from you to choose from when landscaping your residential or commercial Colorado Springs yard, not all are created equal and some unfortunately, just aren’t meant to thrive in the Colorado weather.

There are various benefits in using native Colorado plants that can not only survive but thrive in our cold and dry climate. For example, native Colorado plants are naturally adapted to the Colorado climate, soil and can even provide sustenance for our wildlife.

Native plants also require less work, they work with the Colorado climate instead of fighting it. They are ideal plants for a sustainable landscape design that will require much less water, fertilizer and they’re more resistant to pests and disease because the Colorado climate is their native habitat. 

Need another reason to choose native Colorado plants? Did you know that water used for landscape design accounts for 55 percent of the residential water used across all of Colorado? Planting native plants that require less water will also help your water bill!

Choosing native Colorado plants doesn’t have to be limiting, in fact there are plenty of options to surround your Colorado Springs home or business with beautiful plants. Here’s a list of the top plants that you can add to your landscaping design that will thrive in our Colorado weather!


One of the most stylish and durable additions to your Colorado Springs landscape is rabbitbrush. 

After you’ve planted rabbitbrush it needs little to no watering and can withstand clay and sandy oils along with all types of weather.

In fact, each season brings a new and lovely appearance to the rabbitbrush. In the summer and autumn, yellow flowers blossom and provide a place for butterflies to gather. In the winter, rabbitbrush has a fluffy appearance which provides a soft element to your landscape design and draws in birds. To top it off, rabbitbrush provides food for deer, elk and other small mammals and birds.

Native Colorado Plants

Rocky Mountain Columbine

Surprising no one, the official state flower of Colorado, the Rocky Mountain Columbine is perfect to grow in our climate.

The Rocky Mountain Columbine loves the high altitude and can be found in shades of yellow, red, violet and white which makes it perfect for any yard. It’s rich aroma attracts bees, hummingbirds and butterflies to its nectar. 


One of the best features of Zinnia is that they provide a lot of flowers in a short amount of time. 

Like the Rocky Mountain Columbine, Zinnia comes in many colors including red, yellow, pink and fuchsia. As we’ve stated before, all of these plants can provide something for our wildlife and Zinnia is no different. Bees and butterflies help pollinate this plant and butterflies use it for food and a place to lay their eggs.

With such beautiful colors, one of the best places to plant zinnia is along the walkways up to your home where all of your visitors will be able to enjoy them.

Russian Sage

Add texture to your Colorado Springs landscape with the purple colors of Russian Sage. 

This plant thrives in well-drained soil and lots and lots of sunshine. As Russian Sage likes dry soil, it requires very little water once it has grown. While it’s fully developing it will need to be watered moderately. 

Although Russian Sage is not a native Colorado plant, its preference to a dry climate and sunshine makes it a great choice for a Colorado Springs landscape design.

Local Landscaping in Colorado Springs

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