5 Ways Rocks can Create a Beautiful Home Landscape

Rocks are a wonderful way to add interest to your landscaping. Use everything from small stones to large boulders torock bed create amazing spaces throughout your property. The reason rocks work so perfectly in landscaping is because they provide much-needed texture and contrast to any outdoor space. Plus, rocks give a natural touch to your property’s landscaping and are easy to maintain. Try these five landscaping ideas using rocks into your gardens and flower beds.

1. Attractive Mulch

Instead of using traditional wood chips, use small stones as mulch. The best part is that rocks last forever. This means you can mark mulching off your annual to-do list. Small stones are any rock that is the size of the palm or smaller, often with rough edges.

With today’s technology, there are so many different colors and blends of small stones available. You can use them to create a mood in your rock gardens by laying out specific patterns of textures, colors, sizes, and more. But even using one type of stone in flower beds, around trees, and as edging to walkways will instantly add interest and curb appeal to your property.

2. Attractive Walkways

When creating a walkway, consider using stepping stones surrounded by pebbles. Pebbles range in size from roughly 2 to 6 centimeters across. They have a smooth surface, and they really make your stepping stones stand out. Larger stones such as bluestone are another way to create sidewalks that will be much more attractive than the typical cement paving.

3. Natural Walls

Rocks are a wonderful way to build walls that blend in with their surroundings. These rocks can be a small as your palm or as large as 2 meters across. Use them to create walls anywhere you need to hold back dirt. It also isn’t necessary to cement the rocks in place. You can create these functional and beautiful walls in rock gardens that have several layers. They can hold back the ground along driveways and walkways or mark property lines.

4. Living Art

A living art piece uses large rocks or boulders to create interest in otherwise bland areas. Place the larger rocks in a specific pattern and put plants in and around them for a stunning effect. You typically see these creations near commercial buildings, but they work just as nicely on large lawns that need that little something extra to add visual interest.

5. Water Features

Whether you are looking to add a small fountain in the middle of a garden or a substantial waterfall in the backyard, rocks make a wonderful foundation due to their variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. Use larger rocks to outline the area and fill it in with smaller pebbles in a contrasting color. Be sure to incorporate a pump to keep the water moving. This eliminates the worry of attracting mosquitos and other pests to your property.

Your imagination is the only limit to using rocks in your landscaping, so don’t be afraid to get creative. The results can be stunning. At Foothills Landscaping & Irrigation, we can help in any landscape design and installation services for Colorado Springs area residents. We provide a personalized approach to each project and are familiar with Colorado’s diverse indigenous plants and climate. With more than two decades of business in Colorado Springs, we hold extensive knowledge from our experience and work with the mission to provide the highest quality in every job – from our initial consultation together to the day of completion!