Make Your Front Landscaping Appealing in the Winter 

When it comes to winter and improving the curb appeal of your home, most of the attention is focused on showy spring andfront yard landscaping in the winter summer plants. Winter is a time when we don’t spend a lot of time outdoors, but adding in a few elements to add interest when the snow falls can make your house feel like home. Here are a few tips for adding winter beauty to your landscape.

Add Colorful Berries That Attract Wildlife

One way to add winter appeal to your landscape is with plants that produce colorful berries and attract wildlife. Some suggestions include: 

  • Hardy holly species
  • Bayberry
  • Cranberry bush viburnum
  • Winterberry
  • Aronia berry

Add Structure and Form

Another way to add interest is by adding features that provide structure and form. You can do this with plants, like a carefully pruned and maintained shrub, or you can do this with elements like fences or trellises. Plants like false cypress, bamboo, and tall grasses are an excellent choice. Boxwood pruned into interesting shapes is another popular option. When placing them, think about drawing the eye with focal points. 

Add Evergreens

Evergreens are an excellent way to give your winter landscape something green all year. They don’t have to be tall either. Something like creeping juniper can be perfect for adding a touch of green to a hillside or space that needs a filler. Euonymus is another popular winter landscape plant because of its variegated leaves and dense foliage that keeps its color.

Add Plants That Have Interesting Branches or Bark

The winter garden does not have to be devoid of color, and you can add plants that have interesting bark, such as the red osier dogwood, for a stunning contrast. Paperbark maple and river birch can add texture to the landscape. Another thing to consider is adding plants that collect the snow in interesting ways. Nothing is more beautiful than the snow-laden branches of a Norway spruce or the winter sculptures created by mounds of clumping grasses. 

Add Lights and Topiaries

Another way to elevate your winter landscape is to add string lights or topiaries. Topiaries with string lights add a formal element and can be used to create a grand entrance. A hardscape patio can be an excellent place to gather around the chiminea when you add a few lights and seating for a cozy atmosphere. 

Before adding any of these elements to your winter landscape, it is important to understand your growing zone. You also need to make sure to choose the right plants for your growing conditions, such as whether the place you intend to plant them is in full sun or shady, dry or damp, and how large the plant will grow. Adding winter interest will help make sure that you can enjoy your home every season of the year, and Foothills Landscaping is a local business in the Colorado Springs area that is ready to help, so give us a call.