How to Prepare Your Colorado Springs Lawn for Spring

Now that the snow is melting and the ground is thawing in Colorado Springs, it is time to prepare your lawn for the growing season of early spring! If you want a healthy and colorful lawn this year, there are a few steps to take to care for your lawn after winter. After months of heavy snow, cold weather, and less daylight hours, your grass lawn and other outdoor plants will need some care before springing back to life. Once you are confident the freezing temperatures and heavy snow days are over this spring in Colorado Springs, follow these key tasks for bringing your lawn back to life.

    1. Clear Your Yard

For the grass to regrow properly, clear your yard of any debris. If there are any leaves or pine needles remaining on your lawn, use a garden rake to clear your grass so it can grow back strong and healthy. It is also helpful to pick up any hoses, garden furniture, toys, tools, and decorations off the grass. Allowing your yard to be clear of items and debris will result in more space for your grass to grow back in the spring.

    2. Groom the Grass

As the snow clears in Colorado Springs, the grass may look worn down from the weight of the snow. It is best to thoroughly rake the lawn in early spring to help the blades of grass perk up. The soil will begin to dry out in early spring. Using a garden rake around your lawn will allow the dead grass to be removed and make more room for new grass. Raking your lawn will also let fresh air reach the surface of the new grass.

Raking deeply through the soil will break up any remnants of the old grass from the previous growing season. You can deeply rake your lawn once the growing season has started. Deep raking should be done when the grass has begun to green because this signifies that the grass blades are firmly rooted, and active growth has started.

    3. Aerate and Seed the Lawn

Aerating the lawn allows fresh air to each below the soil using an aerator tool. This tool bores small, shallow holes into the ground. Aerating is beneficial to your lawn because it breaks up compact soil, provides enough space for grass to grow, and lets the roots get fresh air and nutrients more efficiently. Combat the natural thinning process that grass undergoes during the winter by seeding your lawn in early spring. New seeds allow for fresh growth to keep your lawn looking lush throughout the warm seasons. It is best to aerate your lawn in late spring to avoid letting lawn weeds germinate and grow.

Along with seeding your lawn, applying more nutrients will give your lawn an extra boost for growth in early spring. Lawn fertilizer is a mix of nutrients that are best for the roots of your grass yard. If your yard has bare or balding spots among the grass, you can treat these areas with fresh seed in the early springtime. Then, the bare spots should regrow by summer.

spring lawn care

    4. Mowing Your Lawn

For the first time mowing your lawn of the year, be extra careful not to cut too much off the grass. Set your mower deck to the highest setting so it is not cutting too far down the blades of grass. If you trim too much of the grass during its first cutting, the growth and color of your new grass could be stunted and dull.

    5. Install New Sod

If your lawn is dry, brown, and overall does not look healthy, it may be time to re-sod your yard and start new. Old sod can result in patches of grass that fail to turn green summer after summer. Another sign that the sod in your lawn is beyond repair is when dry patches grow bigger despite implementing remedies.

Are you wondering if you need a professional to install the new sod? Because this task is so labor intensive, call us today to re-sod your new lawn! We provide full service residential sod installation and aim to go above and beyond caring for your lawn! Our installation process includes breaking up existing soil, adding nutrient-rich compost, shaping the gradient of your property for proper water drainage, then finally laying the new sod.

    6. Add a Sprinkler System

Are you ready to install a sprinkler system for your yard? Included in our full-service landscaping services is designing a sprinkler system perfect for your lawn. Using an efficient sprinkler system helps maintain a fresh, green yard year-round. Our professional sprinkler systems utilize atmospheric sensors to detect climate conditions, then program the watering to be most effective. Another advantage of installing a new sprinkler system is that you have the option to include a WiFi enabled controller. We recommend this option because it is affordable and reliable and gives you complete control over the efficiency of your water usage.

Spring Lawn Services in Colorado Springs

If you have any questions about caring for your lawn in Colorado Springs during the spring season, contact us today. We offer full landscaping services, including design and irrigation, and have a passion for making your yard healthy and beautiful. We have over two decades of professional experience and know first-hand the harsh climate of Colorado. Our practices and expertise can give you a lush yard year after year. Click here to read more about our services in Colorado Springs.