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Cedar Fencing – Advantages of a Cedar Fence

Would you like to fence your garden or back yard, but you don’t know what type of fencing you want to use? There are many options nowadays – aluminum, wood, vinyl, iron, PVC, Cedar Fencing Company Colorado Springsetc. And to make it complicated even further, if you choose wood, what type should you pick? Let us help you by making your decision a bit easier and tell you why you should opt for cedar fencing.

First of all, cedar is a very durable material. It is true that many types of wood will warp, shrink and change their shape due to weather exposure. Not your cedar fence though! A cedar fence will last for a long time and will keep its proper form and shape.
But there’s no chance that it could last as long as an iron fence? Well, there is. Treat it properly on an annual basis and it will last for decades.

Low Maintenance
When it comes to about treating, maintaining your cedar fence is very easy and not time-consuming at all. Every three to five years you should apply a waterproof sealer and clean your fence at least once a year. That’s it! To add a couple more years to its life, make sure to prevent bushes and vines from growing up the fence.

Insect Repellent
Yes, that is correct. Cedarwood contains natural oils that repel bugs and insects. The oils also protect the wood from rotting. There won’t usually be any need for chemical treatment either. Pick cedar for your fencing and protect both nature and your family.

Cedar is widely known for its beauty. Nothing beats that natural and rustic look of cedar fence. For a passerby, walking down the street, it will look so warm, cozy and inviting. Especially if you compare it to the cold, industrial look of an iron or aluminum fence.

This is one virtue of a cedar fence most people are not aware of. It is an excellent heat and sound insulator.
Due to its composition and the air pockets that it naturally has, cedar behaves as a great insulator. It will keep the area around it colder in summer and warmer in winter. You won’t have to worry about the fence being too hot when touching or working on it in the summer.
For the same reason, it is a great sound insulator as well. If you’re living in a noisy area with a lot of traffic, a cedar fence could be the best option for you. It will reduce the noise level by up to 70% with the right design.
Or maybe you’re the loud one and you don’t want to disturb your neighbors?

By and large, wood is the cheapest material you can build your fence from. It is correct that cedar might cost a bit more than oak, but this is for a very good reason. Cedar is better quality material and you won’t have to spend as much money and time on maintenance as you would with an oak fence.