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Residential Sod & Grass Installation in Colorado Springs

Is your lawn dry, brown, and unsightly? Do you struggle with patches of grass that fail to turn green summer after summer? If so, then it might be time to re-sod your yard and start anew.

Foothills Landscaping & Irrigation, LLC in Colorado Springs can make this daunting process easy and enjoyable by providing better residential sod installation services than you will find anywhere else. We understand the slow, frustrating turmoil of a failing lawn. We’ve seen dry patches grow bigger and bigger despite the use of common remedies. We know when a lawn is beyond repair…And we know how to bring a lawn back to life. Landscaping is our passion and expertise, so let us take your yard from Eeek to Oh la la in no time!

Local Landscape Knowledge of The Colorado Springs Area

At Foothills Landscaping & Irrigation, LLC, we have over 21 years of experience as landscape contractors in designing and installing landscapes. We are a local Colorado Springs business that is family owned and family operated. Being a family business with our heart in the state of Colorado, our insights to the local landscape and soil enables us to make the best decisions when it comes to laying new sod in your area.  Our experience means we can give you a lawn that will look great now and for many more years to come.

Full Service Installation & Prepping Process

We provide FULL SERVICE residential sod installation. This means we go above and beyond simple patchwork jobs. What we can provide for your yard is more than just a new layer of grass or another superficial treatment. We provide an installation of sod that is best suited for your entire plot of land. When we lay sod, we follow a process that we have developed through years of experience that helps ensure the very best results.

Our tried and true residential sod installation process begins with prepping your soil for laying new sod. We break up the existing soil, whether clay or sand based, and add nutrient-rich compost to ensure your sod thrives for years to come. Before laying down the sod, we will shape the gradient of your property for precise water drainage.

Once the yard has been prepped by our installation experts, we will lay our locally grown sod. We always recommend Fescue or Bluegrass, as these work best with the arid Colorado climate. After the sod is set, pressed, and watered, your yard will already look like new!

If your yard is in need of a fresh, green makeover, look no further than Foothills Landscape & Irrigation, LLC. Our expert landscape contractors take pride in our sod installation process because the appearance and health of your lawn are important to us. Our professional, dependable, and exceptional landscaping services are exactly what you need to get the yard of your dreams.

Ready to take the next step? To learn more about our sod installation services or would like to book an appointment, contact us at 719-393-9074 for a free estimate!

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