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Sprinkler System & Drip Irrigation Installation and Repair in Colorado Springs 

As part of our full-service landscaping services, we at Foothills Landscaping in Colorado Springs can design a sprinkler system to fit the needs of each customer. Watering a large yard can be a time-consuming and tiring affair. However, a good sprinkler system that is well laid out will make the job far easier for you.

Like the rest of our landscaping services we use the best products, designed to suit any number of yards. We use Hunter and Rain Bird products as well as weather sensing products such as rain sensors. All of our sprinkler systems come with a 2-year warranty on all parts and labor. We can offer wi-fi enabled sprinkler systems to make your life easier and to allow our technicians to maintain and troubleshoot your sprinkler system.

Benefits of a Professionally Installed Sprinkler System

Designing and landscaping your yard is the perfect time to add a new sprinkler system. An efficient sprinkler system can help the new yard stay green and fresh, even in Colorado Spring’s challenging climate.

A professional sprinkler system, with atmospheric sensors to detect climate conditions, can be programmed to water your yard only when it needs to be. This saves water and helps maintain your yard.

To get the best out of your new sprinkler system, we recommend installing a wi-fi enabled controller. This is an affordable and reliable option that gives you even greater control and efficiency in maintaining your yard. If you choose this option, we will install a wi-fi module on the controller, in an inconspicuous place that allows the sprinkler system to talk to an app on your phone or tablet. The app will monitor the atmospheric changes such as wind, humidity and rain, and adjust the watering program accordingly.

Trenchless Installation Available

As another part of our landscaping services in Colorado Springs, Foothills Landscaping & Irrigation, LLC offers trenchless sprinkler installation which can help you save time and money. Trenchless installation allows the installation of sprinkler pipe into existing landscapes. This option, offering less stress and open trenches, can be used in cases where our clients wish to leave some or all of their existing landscaping untouched. This can also be used in areas that have only been prepped for sod but not installed. Trenchless installation also allows a sprinkler system to be installed in less time.

Sprinkler System Service and Repair

Foothills Landscaping and Irrigation LLC. offers other sprinkler system services such as winterizations, activations and repairs. We can service all sprinkler systems whether they are ones we installed, ones you installed, or ones installed by another company.

With your permission, Foothills Landscaping and Irrigation LLC can have access to your wi-fi sprinkler system remotely. This allows us to make necessary program changes and diagnose simple valve issues off-site. This is just another part of our commitment to providing you a full landscape service.

Like the rest of our landscaping services, we are happy to discuss your requirements with you and help you make the choices that will suit your lifestyle and your yard.

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