Preparing Your Yard for Fence Installation Companies

A new fence installation gives you an easy way to define and protect your property’s boundary. Furthermore, a fence should feel like an extension of your home. They can provide privacy, security, and aesthetics without costing too much. Even if you love the idea of getting a fence, there are a few things you should do first to prepare for a visit from your local fence installation company. 

Identify Your Property Line All the Way Around

Identifying your property line is the first step in the process of adding a fence to your yard. Do not utilize an uneducated guess when you are doing this step. If you do not install the fence where it should be, you may have to tear it down due to legality reasons. Improper installations can be targeted by a Homeowners Associate or even the local county. However, you can prepare your defenses against this attack in a few steps.

Make sure that you mark the property boundaries according to your blueprints. If you do not have access to them, you can go to your official property agency to request a copy. Even if you only made a two-inch infraction, you could still be forced to tear down a new fence. If the land does not belong to you, you will lose when a county representative shows up. For that reason, it is always best to place markers where they belong accurately. 

new fence installation

Tell Your Neighbors About the Project

After marking the property line, we advise you to inform your neighbors of the project. If you happen to share the fence with them, you should make sure that it will not create a problem. We never want to surprise your neighbors with our noise and mess while completing the project.

Call the Utility Company Before Installing the Fence

Nobody wants to pierce a utility line or cable when digging for a new fence installation. Since we do not want to dig near lines or pipes, you should call your local utility company. If a cable is snapped, you could be liable for the damages. Plus, you could make the whole neighborhood go without water or power. Instead of taking a random guess at what might happen, give the utility company a call and ask for diagrams. Otherwise, it could again result in having to dig up the fence and replace it because of an accident. The utility company will typically hand out plans to anyone who asks.

Remove Obstacles and Obstructions

Prior to breaking ground, you will want to walk the perimeter of your property and closely inspect it. Keep your eyes peeled for large rocks, tree stumps, and anything else covering the ground. If something is standing in the way of your installation, make sure to have it removed. We will double check this before installing the fence.

We always ask that you do the same with your personal belongings. If children’s toys, dog leashes and outside equipment are laying around, please move to an area that won’t be in the project space. This will make our fencers job easier and eliminate the risk of damage to your property. 

Use a Professional Fence Installation Company

Installing a new fence requires much planning and effort. You may avoid many problems in the long run if you hire a fence installation company. Give Foothills Landscaping Company a call in Colorado Springs for a free quote and expert fence installation.