Want to Spruce Up Your Landscape? Try a Retaining Wall

Your landscape is certainly an important part of your home. Landscaping adds curb appeal, increases home value, and gives you an opportunity to show off your home’s personality.retaining wall colorado springs

But if your landscape is a bit dull, you may be looking for a new opportunity to spruce it up. The obvious solution is to manicure the lawn and to add some flowers. However, a retaining wall can be an excellent addition if you’re looking to go in a different direction. A retaining wall is a strong structure that is usually made to keep a hill, slope, or mound of earth in place. What’s even better is that retaining walls have many added benefits that can take your landscape to the next level.

If you’re looking to enhance your landscape, read on to learn some benefits of building a retaining wall.

Adds an Attractive Element to Landscaping

When people think of retaining walls, they often think of concrete blocks. However, there are many other retaining wall types that can really add an attractive element to your landscaping.

There are various types of retaining walls you can choose to fit your landscaping needs. Some include:

• Boulders
• Wood
• Bricks
• Gabion

Helps Prevent Flooding

While this next benefit doesn’t necessarily make your landscaping look better, it will certainly help keep your yard intact. In fact, a retaining wall does a good job of preventing flooding in your yard.

Certain areas are more prone to flash floods, which can cause property damage if it is not controlled. If you live in a flood zone, a retaining wall is simply necessary.

Makes Use of Available Space

Many people have a lot of landscape but aren’t sure of what to do with it. A retaining wall is a great, flexible addition to your yard that can be used in a variety of areas. For instance, if your home sits on a slope, a retaining wall can be used to make a terraced area for planting. The protection of the wall can make it easier to cultivate your flowers and plants in a space that is physically more difficult.

If you have one or more retaining walls, you can use them to segment your property. Depending on your layout, this can be a great visual aid to spruce up your landscaping.

Consider using landscape designers who can help you develop a layout if you want multiple walls for the best look.

Creates Privacy for Your Property

Would you like to put a barrier between you and your neighbors? Whether your neighbors are not so favorable or you just prefer additional privacy, a retaining wall is the perfect go-to option.

A retaining wall can be placed in a variety of areas in your yard, enabling you to create the perfect barrier for your property.

Building a retaining wall is certainly a great way to take your landscaping to the next level. If you’re looking for landscape designers who can add a retaining wall to your yard, consider Foothills Landscaping for your needs.