Spruce Up That Small Backyard With These Tips!

A backyard doesn’t need to be huge to be beautiful. What it does require is a couple of well-executed landscaping ideas! Here are Landscaping Ideas for Colorado Springs Backyardssome tips for making the most of your small backyard.

Texturize With Plants 

When you’re working with a small yard, plant choice is of the utmost importance. The goal is to texturize because it draws the eye and makes the space feel lusher. Plant wispy ornamental grasses alongside sturdy rubber ones. When arranging, put bolder specimens front and center to create the illusion of depth.

Grow Vertical

Instead of spreading out, grow up! Hang plants from a patio overlay. Let ivy or another “climbing” plant loose on a trellis. Not only will it make the space feel a bit swankier, but it’s also a handy privacy tool.

Create a Container Garden

If you don’t have a large plot to plant a garden, create a small container one instead! Some container gardens are made by cordoning off a small spot with four pieces of lumber. Others are made using pots and shelves. Which method is best? It depends on the yard size and its natural sunlight patterns. Consult with a professional landscaper to determine the ideal setup for your spot.

Set Up a Lawn Sitting Area

A small backyard doesn’t mean that sitting areas are out of the question. Make it work by opting for delicate furniture. Light wrought iron is usually a great option. As for the lawn, stick with Kentucky Bluegrass. It does the best in Colorado’s soil.

Lean Into Landscaping Levels

If the area in question is flat, consider adding layers with stones and rocks. Stepped landscaping looks fantastic, and it can be configured to optimally grow certain flowers, spices, and vegetables. And, like vertical growth, it can add a layer of privacy.

Get a Deck

Keeping up with a lawn and plants can be time consuming and expensive, even for smaller spaces. If you don’t have the time to fuss with greenery but still want a lovely outside area, get a deck. These outdoor features are great looking and don’t require hours of maintenance each week.

Landscaping Ideas for Colorado Springs: Seasonal Considerations

When planning Colorado yard ideas, don’t forget to factor in the weather. Pick shrubbery that can survive a snow-filled winter. You can also consider whether or not a xeriscape would work well in your region.


Landscaping Company in Colorado Springs 

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