It’s official, daylight saving has come and gone, our days are getting shorter and winter is getting closer and closer every day here in Colorado Springs. 

Before you head in to bundle up for the remainder of the year, make sure you take care of your backyard by prepping it for the winter cold. 

Here are 4 steps on how you can successfully prepare your backyard for winter in Colorado Springs and help it shine again in the spring.

Prepare your Backyard for Winter Colorado SpringsClean Up Your Backyard Landscaping

The first thing you’ll want to do is a little clean up. 

Remove any debris from your backyard. This will help prevent pests and disease from infiltrating your backyard. 

You’ll want to concentrate on removing all diseased or pest-ridden plants and any debris such as leaves, stems, etc. that may have made their way into your yard. 

Note: If some plants have only some diseased parts, don’t remove them entirely, simply trim off the diseased sections.

Protect Vulnerable Plants

We always suggest that our clients choose to fill their landscape with plants that will thrive in the Colorado weather, as they are usually made to withstand our cold-desert like climate and pair well with the Colorado Springs soil, but still it’s important to give them a little help along the way.

Some plants such as small evergreen shrubs will benefit from a wind blocking structure, small trees that were just planted will need barriers to help protect them from wind and wildlife and your bed of roses will thank you for adding a layer of organic mulch.

Wondering what your specific plants need? Don’t let all your hard-work go to waste, contact our professional landscape contractors to help you care for your Colorado Springs landscape.

Prepare Your Lawn

You’ve worked hard on getting your lawn to be healthy and green all through spring and summer, so now that winter is coming are you supposed to let it die? Of course not!

Save your grass by purchasing a high-quality winterizer.

When choosing a winterizer, make sure you choose one that contains less nitrogen and more potassium and phosphorus. This will help strengthen your grass’ roots during the winter. 

Looking for even better results? Try aerating your turf, but do so BEFORE you winterize it. Aerating can help the soil of your lawn by opening up the soil in your backyard and allowing for water and air to have direct access to the roots. This also helps nutrients penetrate the soil and will have longer-lasting results.

Winterize Your Irrigation Systems

After you winterize your lawn, it’s time to “winterize” your irrigation system.

The first thing to do is drain the backflow of your irrigation system to protect it from freeze damage. Next, before the ground begins to freeze the irrigation system should be blown out. “Blowing out” your irrigation system simply means you’re blowing compressed air through the pipes to make sure most of all the water is removed, which will prevent them from freezing or breaking.

Unsure of how to go about this? Call our landscaping team in! We will make sure your irrigation systems are ready and prepared for the cold winter ahead.

Landscape Contractors in Colorado Springs

You may have previously believed that once fall made an appearance there was little left to do in your backyard landscaping, when in fact by preparing for the winter now you’ll end up saving time and reducing problems in the spring.

Let the landscaping contractors at Foothills Landscaping & Irrigation in Colorado Springs help you move into the planning and protection stage.

Enjoy the time inside with loved ones as we prepare your Colorado Springs landscape for the spring ahead. Contact us for a free quote today!